Fire service boss tells public to ‘think twice’ about disposable BBQs after fire in West Park

A Fire Service boss has urged members of the public to exercise caution when disposing of single use barbecues after fire crews were called to an incident in West Park last week.

Nick Peddle, head of prevention at the West Sussex Fire Service, issued the statement after fire crews were alerted to a small fire in West Park on Thursday April 8.

The fire crews were mobilised and sent to the scene where they found a small area of undergrowth alight, caused by a previous campfire and an improperly disposed barbecue.

“It may be tempting to have a BBQ with friends and family that we have not been able to spend time with and, given the circumstances, we can completely understand people wanting to get out and make the most of their time together,” Mr Peddle said,

Cambs Fire and Rescue

“But we would just ask that you please think twice before disposing of a barbecue. These single use barbecues are designed to get very hot, very rapidly and they take a long time to cool down. Make sure it is extinguished and completely cool before taking it anywhere near a bin full of rubbish.”

He also added that, in order to make doubly sure the barbecue is safely disposed of, users should allow it to cool for several hours and douse it with plenty of water before putting it anywhere near a bin.

“It really doesn’t take much in these dry conditions for a fire to spread and get out of control very quickly.”