Jewellery targeted in Eastbourne distraction burglary

A distraction burglary was carried out on an Eastbourne resident, according to police.

Officers said the incident happened in the late morning of Monday, June 27, in Durrell Close.

A Sussex Police spokesperson said, “[At] around 11am the victim was approached by a male on his drive asking if the victim had any jewellery or watches to sell, the male waited whilst the victim went to collect items to sell.

"The male spoke with the victim for a while and agreed he would return later after discussing the price with his office; once he returned a short conversation continued with the victim before the male left saying he wouldn't want to buy anything after all.

Sussex Police

“It has then come to the attention of the victim that the items shown to the male were nowhere to be seen the next day, it appears that the male has managed to keep the items from the victim during the course of the conversation.”