Large haul stolen from Burwash Common home

EASILY recognisable and security marked items were stolen from a house at Heathfield Road, Burwash Common, between 10.30pm on Saturday June 2 and 5.30am on Sunday June 3.

Police are appealing for witnesses or anyone who spots the following items for sale:

- Two solid silver passport size photo frames and three normal size silver frames.

- Small Japanese stacking pots, around five in number, that are circular with a red pattern, a couple of inches high.

- One hexagonal ink pot which was copper inside with leather out is also missing and an empty walnut cigarette box.

- Two large silver plated sweet dishes with folding curvy handles, one was plain silver and the other had a pattern engraved on it.

- Two inch high silver terrines both with lids, one heavily engraved with unknown initials with detailed swirling patterns on it. The handle also twisted outwards.

- A plain silver snuff box, and four solid silver serviette rings. Three were circular and engraved with a pattern all the way round and the other was a plain oval shape.

- Four small solid silver ladles about soup spoon size and one slightly larger one with large curved handles. They were plain.

- A small, shallow sweet dish with a lattice pattern and a raised pattern.

- An ink well with a silver lid and a cut glass transparent base.

- Four solid plain silver egg cups.

- Two silver plated egg cups that have slits down the side and a pattern around the rim.

- A solid silver tea strainer that was on a small silver tray. The handle was angular shaped.

- Eight solid silver Royal Copenhagen spoons. They are small in size and at the end of the handle is a three point crown. The handle has two raised lines down the handle. They are about 4in in length. They are from a set of 12.

- Some silver plated spoons have also been stolen but they are all different. Some have place names and engravings on them. It is not known what ones have gone missing at this stage.

- A solid silver cream jug about 6in tall with one handle and three feet.

- A solid silver salt and pepper holder with blue glass inserts.

- A small ‘limoge’ vase about two inches tall which is red with a gold pattern. It also has a picture on it and sits on a small plate of the same design.

Although the items have been security marked this was a few years ago and they have all been polished on numerous occasions since so it is possible that the mark could have worn off.

PCSO James Armstrong said: “Just like any burglary, this crime was a real shock to the victim; it is hoped that further descriptions of the items stolen can be clarified soon but I’d like to ask anyone visiting pawn shops, boot sales, antique stores and anywhere else selling silverware to keep an eye out for items matching these descriptions and to call us on 101 if you do.”

Any witness or anyone with information is asked to call 101 quoting serial 0354 of 3/6.

Alternatively, call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.