Lewes burglar meets victims to apologise

A CONVICTED burglar has vowed never to commit another burglary after meeting one of his victims.

The 26-year-old man from Lewes and two accomplices smashed the window of a house in The Avenue, Lewes.

But the occupants heard noises downstairs, told them to leave and the burglars made off.

The man was later sentenced to two years and five months after pleading guilty to committing the burglary with intent to steal in February, 2009.

After he was released from prison and on probation, the man expressed interest in restorative justice saying he wanted to meet his victim to apologise.

Sussex Police arranged for the level three post conviction conference, the first of its kind to be held on the Lewes district, to take place.

PC Jason Taylor said: “The offender was quite anxious and nervous before the conference and the victim was late due to problems with travel but was totally committed to supporting the offender.

“The offender apologised immediately to the victim for what he had done. The victim talked about the effect the burglarly had had on him and his partner and how they feared they could be targeted again.

“The offender was shocked to hear that the victim, his partner and young son were at home when he burgled the house as he had not known this. Afterwards he said he would never commit another burglary as a result of the meeting his victim.”