Lewes man's message to 'inane' motorbike thieves

Tony Murrell with his Honda Monkey Bike. Picture: Peter Cripps
Tony Murrell with his Honda Monkey Bike. Picture: Peter Cripps

A Lewes man’s motorbike was stolen from outside his garage while he was installing CCTV inside.

Tony Murrell was at his home in Paddock Lane last Tuesday (August 20), when brazen youths snatched his Honda Monkey Bike worth £4,000.

Tony Murrell. Picture: Peter Cripps

Tony Murrell. Picture: Peter Cripps

Fortunately, with help from people on Facebook, the bike was found nearby, but the thieves made off with the ignition and back box keys.

The 61-year-old said: “The irony is that I was in my garage wiring up a CCTV camera as we had a break-in here previously. We run a bed and breakfast here.

“The bike was unguarded for about 20 minutes, I came outside and it was gone.

“There were two young girls walking by and I asked if they had seen anyone with the bike and they said two young lads were pushing it down the road. I missed them by about 30 seconds.”

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Tony appealed for help on Facebook after the theft and a resident commented saying they had seen the bike down Pipe Passage. It was found by a wall.

Tony said: “I realised I had left the key in the ignition so the petrol was turned off – they couldn’t start it so they just dumped it.”

Tony said the town had seen an ‘epidemic’ of thefts and anti-social behaviour in the last couple of years.

He told the Express: “It was completely my fault for leaving the bike outside but you still don’t expect that to happen .

“When I was 15, we got up to misbehaviour but we didn’t go around smashing windows and breaking into cars. Who gets enjoyment out of this?”

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He continued: “Do these kids every consider the grief, heartache, upset, stress and financial loss they cause through their childish, inane, anti-social behaviour?”

He said he was now calling for the thieves to return the bike keys.

“I’ve got the bike back but they’ve got the key and I’d very much like the key back,” he said, adding: “You know where I live, just put it through the letterbox and that’s the end of it.”