Miraculous recovery of cat shot in the head

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A CAT made a miraculous recovery after apparently being held while it was shot in the head in Seaford.

Emma was taken to a vet by owner Clarissa Nurthern after she noticed blood coming from the 10-month-old tabby cat’s eye and its mouth not closing properly.

She was shocked when the vet said the cat had been shot in the head at close range with an air rifle or BB-type gun.

“It’s so cruel. Who would want to do this to an animal?” she said.

Police carried out enquiries at Surrey Road, where mum of two Miss Nurthern lives and the attack is thought to have taken place.

Acting Seaford sergeant Chris Wright said the surgery contacted them on April 14, the day after the cat was taken in.

“An air gun pellet was removed from the eye,” he said.

“We have received no positive leads to our house to house enquiries and limited other available enquiries, and therefore it is highly unlikely that we will find the culprit.

“Whilst incidents of this nature are fortunately rare it is of course most disturbing to think someone has potentially intentionally harmed a helpless animal in this way.

“The vets suggested, due to the positioning of the pellet, it is possible someone held the cat still whilst the gun was fired at it from close range.

“Miraculously the cat has recovered well following the incident and is believed to have had the sight in its affected eye saved.

“At the time of reporting the incident the vet commented on how other such incidents have occurred in recent weeks, although not thought to have been in Seaford.

“If at all possible it is imperative those responsible are caught and dealt with robustly for the mindless and cruel injury caused to the cat, and doubtless dreadful stress caused to its owner.

“I would strongly urge anyone who may have any relevant information to contact Sussex Police quoting incident reference number 0594:14/04/12.

Trevor Weeks, from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service, said: “Airgun incidents are something we deal with on a regular basis. I would like to see airguns banned.”