More than 15 arrests made in Eastbourne on the weekend

More than 15 people were arrested in Eastbourne at the weekend for offences including robbery and theft of a motor vehicle.

Other offences included common assault, criminal damage, ABH and drink driving, according to police.

A Sussex Police spokesperson said, “Not only can driving under the influence of drink or drugs be extremely dangerous and affect your driving; alcohol and drug drivers put their and other people’s lives at risk.

“If you’re found to be over the drink-drive limit, and/or driving while impaired by drugs, you can receive: a criminal record, a maximum penalty of six months in prison, an unlimited fine and an automatic driving ban of at least one year – or three years if you have been convicted twice in 10 years.”

Picture from Sussex Police SUS-211002-094135001

If you suspect someone is drink or drug driving regularly, report it to police online or by calling 101, and if you believe somebody is about to drive whilst under the influence of drink or drugs call 999.