Need for more hostels to help reformed prisoners

I have just retired from HMP Lewes after a long time. I was a Salvation Army chaplain.

Sunday, 12th May 2019, 12:46 pm
Lewes Prison

In the time I was there I saw many prisoners going out and after a short time coming back in.

I asked some of these chaps why?

The answer was always the same: “If we couldn’t find somewhere to live, we couldn’t get a job and so had to break the law again so we could get a roof over our heads.”

I looked around the counties of East Sussex and West Sussex and could only find one hostel, I might be wrong.

If there were hostels around the counties where chaps could be helped, I would think this might be an answer. Some of these chaps had a trade but wouldn’t be taken on.

Why is this happening today. What is the council/Government doing about these people I would like to know?

Jim Woodgate

Salvation Army Chaplain,


Thackeray Close,