Newhaven Army cadet receives Citizenship Award from Sussex Police for helping save a life

Three members of the Sussex Army Cadet Force have received awards from Sussex Police for helping to save lives.

Chief Constable Giles York visited the unit in Hove on Wednesday to present Citizenship Awards to Cpl Mia Leblanc-Brigden and L/Cpl Rio Budd following a stabbing in Shoreham and Cadet Bdr Ceri-Marie McIntyre following a medical incident in Newhaven.

Chief Constable Giles York presents Citizenship Awards to Cpl Mia Leblanc-Brigden, L/Cpl Rio Budd and Cadet Bdr McIntyre

Chief Constable Giles York presents Citizenship Awards to Cpl Mia Leblanc-Brigden, L/Cpl Rio Budd and Cadet Bdr McIntyre

Sergeant Craig Sharples, troop commander, said: “The three cadets from D (Cassino) Company were each rewarded for their bravery in very testing environments.”

In December 2018, Cadet Bdr McIntyre of No.21 Newhaven was waiting for her coach home after her day at Plumpton College as a student and decided to take a short walk.

Sgt Sharples said: “During this time, she came across a male in his late 30s who had collapsed and was lying on his back.

“Again, due to her first aid training she received when at her cadet detachment, her training kicked in and she began to carry out the pneumonic DRSABC [Danger, Response, Send, Airway, Breathing, CPR].

“While carrying this out, another male, older than herself, came around the corner stating that he was his friend. Bdr McIntyre told the male to ring for an ambulance and to get help from the college.

“Bdr McIntyre soon realised the casualty was not breathing and carried out CPR, which she continued to do for around 15 minutes before the paramedics arrived.

“The paramedics then took over, praising Bdr McIntyre before taking the individual away to hospital.”

Earlier in the year, Cpl Leblanc-Brigden and L/Cpl Budd responded to a stabbing in Shoreham.

Sgt Sharles said: “They were walking to their detachment, No.13 Shoreham, on the evening of Wednesday, May 23, 2018, when a woman who was visibly shaken, approached them asking for help and if they were first aid trained.

“On enquiring what was wrong, it became apparent that her son had been stabbed.

“On entering the house, it was apparent that CS gas had been used during the stabbing. The two cadets found the casualty sitting on the sofa with a friend applying pressure to the wound.

“Within seconds, their first aid training kicked into practice. They laid the casualty on the floor, raising his legs, and applied pressure. The police soon arrived and took over the situation.

“In both of these cases, the cadets really did live up to the values and standards of the Army Cadet Force. They should be extremely proud of their achievements.”