Police appeal sparked after bogus callers steal safe from Crowborough home

A safe was stolen from a home in Crowborough by two bogus callers, according to Sussex Police.

Officers said at about 7.30pm on Thursday October 4, two men came up to a woman in her late fifties as she was approaching her front door in Forest Rise, Crowbrough.

One of the men said he had been told by someone that she had wanted to ‘get rid of some things down at the tip’.

The other man meanwhile approached the front door.

The victim had just seen the same two men sitting outside the address in a vehicle, described as possibly being a maroon coloured Land Rover Discovery - index unknown.

Both men then went inside with the victim she got some items together to be taken to the tip.

They also spoke to her son and one of them went upstairs with the victim and her son.

The men then spoke about them doing things to the house, but then left.

After the men had left, the victims realised that a small safe had been taken from the sitting room.

It contained a VHS video tape and some papers. Nothing else was taken.

Both men are described as white. One called himself Bill and was about 5ft5, of medium build, wearing a dark coloured waistcoat or body warmer, blue jeans and white trainers.

The second man said he was Tony, was a little shorter than the first man, and was a little stocky.

He was wearing a short-sleeved check shirt (with green in the colours), blue tracksuit trousers and white trainers.

Detective Constable Sean Stapley of East Sussex CID said; “We are appealing for any information about these two men and about the vehicle. Please call us on 101 quoting Serial 1582 of 4/10. You can also call independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

“We also remind local residents to be very cautious about allowing unexpected callers in to your property.

“Seek identification, probe their reasons for being there, and if in doubt, keep them out.

“If you have any information about such callers, call us on 101, and if you are concerned about such people when they are actually at the door, dial 999.”