This is why police were in Priory Road, Hastings, today

Police have raided a house in Hastings as part of an operation to disrupt drug dealing in the town.

Seven officers executed a search warrant on the home in Priory Road on Wednesday morning (October 13) after suspicions people were selling class A drugs from the property, police said.

One officer rammed the front door with what police nickname the “big red key” - a cylindrical steel ram with handles.

Another officer covered the back garden as there were fears occupants might try to flee the property.

Police carried out the raid in Hastings today

The suspects were not at home and there was no-one else inside the house, police said.

Officers searched the inside, but no drugs were found.

The operation was carried out by the Hailsham-based East Sussex Neighbourhood Enforcement Team, which helps to support local neighbourhood policing in Hastings.

Earlier this year, Hastings was one of five areas in the UK given extra government funding to fight drug crime under a scheme called Project ADDER.