Police seize 4 e-scooters and make arrests in Hastings town centre

Police seized four e-scooters being ridden in Hastings town centre on Tuesday (January 18).

The crackdown was carried out by Hastings’ Neighbourhood Policing Team. They were conducting “high visibility patrols” following complaints about anti-social behaviour in the town centre. They also arrested two people who were wanted by police.

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Sussex Police recently issued warnings to e-scooter owners that their vehicles can be seized if they are seen riding in a public place. They also face a £300 fine and six penalty points for not having valid insurance, as well as a £100 fine and three to six penalty points on their licence for driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence. They can also be prosecuted for riding on the footpath, using a mobile phone, riding through red lights and drink-driving offences.

Hastings' Neighbourhood Policing Team in the town centre on Tuesday.

“E-scooters are classed as a powered vehicle, which means they are subject to the same laws as motor vehicles, but at the present time it is not possible to register, insure or tax the vehicles for use on the road. Our renewed advice follows increasing public concern about road safety, with frequent reports of e-scooters riding on pavements, and crime reports linked to e-scooters,” a spokesperson for the force said.

A spokesperson for Hastings’ Neighbourhood Policing Team said the crackdown was part of their ongoing work to tackle anti-social behaviour in the town centre. They added: “If you’ve witnessed anti-social behaviour, please report it to us.” People can report anti-social behaviour online HERE

On Friday, police issued a dispersal order in Hastings town centre following reports of anti-social behaviour.