Shed set ablaze as Hastings allotment is vandalised

There are fears that vandals are targeting local allotments after the allotments in Hastings Old Town were broken into on Friday night with greenhouse glass and windows smashed a shed burnt down.

Allotment holder Lesley Bickerdike appealed for information on the incident and said: “The Lower Torfield Allotment on Old London Road, above the Old Town, was broken into. The mindless people decided to break every glass pane in greenhouses and sheds, to throw things around, and then to set fire to and completely destroy a shed. I am wondering if anyone saw anything - they also set fires in the bunkers near the road.“These individuals will certainly have gone home smelling strongly of petrol and smoke. I despair of anyone who thinks this is ok recreation. The people affected are mostly retired folk who enjoy gardening, and who do not have unlimited cash to repair the damage.”

It follows on from recent vandalism at Vale Road where vandals burned down five sheds and broke into many others. Allotments in Silverhill were also vandalised and sheds burned down last week.

An allotment holder at Vale Road said: “They are obviously going around all the local allotments doing the same thing. Plot holders are very upset as the damage will cost hundreds of pounds that they don’t have.”

One Old Town resident said: “What a disgusting thing to have done, to destroy property for no reason at all.”

Local group History Hunters offered allotment owners some free help if they needed it.