Someone is shooting a high-powered weapon in residential area

A large numbers of seagulls frequent the area
A large numbers of seagulls frequent the area

On Sunday, June 30, someone fired two shots from some kind of gun on Harmers Hay estate in Hailsham.

One shot made a woman walking along a footpath instinctively duck down, the other killed a seagull that was resting on a roof.

The dead bird was taken to the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service at Whitesmith where it was x-rayed to try and determine the weapon used. The conclusion: the bird had definitely been shot but the bullet had passed straight through.

After asking those who know about this sort of thing the general opinion is that a high powered weapon was used that in all probability requires the owner to have a firearms licence.

The killing of a protected bird (which by the way has three chicks) is bad enough, but firing a gun – any sort of gun – in a residential area ... It’s looking like the lunatics have finally taken over the asylum!

Tony Mackay