Vandalism may force closure of Hastings skate park

A Hastings skate park may be forced to close due to a recent spate of vandalism.

Some of the damage at Hastings' outdoor skate park SUS-191106-145348001
Some of the damage at Hastings' outdoor skate park SUS-191106-145348001

The outdoor skate park, on Falaise Road, has been subject to various levels of anti-social behaviour and vandalism, according to Hastings Borough Council.

A council spokesman said the issue has escalated in the last month to include some serious criminal damage, which most recently saw the shooting out of the floodlights by either gun or catapult, setting fire to on-site waste bins, fencing and wall damage, and finally over this last weekend, the ripping out of the skate bowl’s specially-made edging coping stones.

Hastings Borough Council is working with the police following the incidents.

Colin Fitzgerald, lead councillor for environmental services at Hastings Borough Council, said: “The council are undertaking some interim works to make safe the skate park and allow it to stay open.

“It is likely that the skate park will have to be closed at short notice if any of the interim work is unsuccessful, or there is further vandalism.

“We are currently seeking estimates for the full repair to the skate park and expect them to be the region of £20,000.”

A spokesperson from another skate park in the town, The Source Park, said: “Our regular users of the skate park have noticed that vandalism is becoming a real problem. The antisocial behaviour happens quite late at night when park users have gone for the evening.”