Worthing charity shop targeted by thieves - 'Disgusting how someone can do this'

A charity shop in Worthing has been targeted by thieves.

Staff at The Guild Care shop in Rowlands Road discovered this morning (Tuesday, June 11) that the charity box had been stolen overnight.

Darren Bamber, retail area manager, said: “The deputy manager turned up this morning to open the shop. When she walked in, she noticed the safe and a wheelie bin was in the middle of the stock room.

"The back door was wide open and the gate was wide open

“She called me immediately and I went straight down. We noticed the door had been kicked in. It was [a shock] but staff are putting on a brave face.

“It’s the first time I’ve dealt with a store break-in. I’m trying to get everyone to stay calm and deal with the situation.”

Darren said it was fortunate that the thieves ‘couldn’t get the safe out of the building’.

"Luckily, they only got away with the charity tin,” he added.

"The police took an account over the phone and they gave me a crime reference number.

"I just think it’s disgusting how someone can do this to a charity shop when we are here to help the community.

"Them doing this has taken away some much-needed funds that we could have put back into the community. They have taken money away which was donated by kind people.”

Sussex Police has since confirmed an investigation is underway. Click here to read more.