Crooks corrupt cash machine in Hailsham

RESIDENTS have been warned to be careful after crooks installed a special device to read debit and credit cards at a cash machine in Hailsham.

The device known as a ‘Lebanese Loop’ was spotted by an off duty police officer in South Road.

Police said the thieves place the device over the card slot with a loop inside which holds onto the customer’s card.

A customer would presume wrongly that the bank has held onto their card – and the crooks would then get the card once the customer has left the machine.

Jamie Harwood, NPT engagement officer, said: “There are many different devices that are used on cash point machines, and these can be found very simply by going onto the internet.

“Wealden police would like to remind people to be extra vigilant when using cash point machines.

“Remember to cover the keypad when entering pin numbers and check cash point machines for anything out of the ordinary. “If your card is taken by a machine, phone the bank immediately for advice.”

If you discover anything attached to a machine phone Sussex police on 0845 60 70 999.