Cross-in-Hand sheep story goes viral

A FLEECY farce went viral in the media over the weekend after a flock of sheep was found wandering in a lane in Cross-in-Hand.

Police were alerted by a passer-by on Friday evening and arrived in the village to find the 28 sheep loose.

They asked local residents Cam and Mark Nichols if they could herd them into their garden as they had a gate.

Cam, a development director, told the Express her husband ‘tweeted’ the information at #sheepgate and a farmer from Horam visited them on Saturday.

He identified the flock as belonging to his son who was on holiday.

He arrived with a trailer, loaded up the sheep, helped clear their garden and presented Cam with a bunch of flowers.

She said: “They’d done a fair amount of damage, eating our shrubs, but it was difficult to see how much as it’s the middle of winter.

“But we couldn’t believe how much interest it all caused. We were contacted by ITV, the BBC (who put it at the top of their news website) and we even made the headlines in New Zealand!

“It was very bizarre, particularly after the troublesome month people have had, hanging on for payday and with the snow and everything.

“Our dog went ballistic but the farmer was very good and did his best to put the garden right.”