Crowd funding call for African issue film

A professional screenwriter from Lewes hopes her crowd-funding campaign can help fund a new short film from Ethiopia.

Lisa Scott Gordon, founder of Lewes film company GBGG Productions LLC with her sister, met five young Ethiopian film-makers during her work at Cannes Film Festival.

All their films were excellent, but one new script particularly stood out for her.

New Eyes, written by Hiwot Admasu, depicts a teenage girl discovering what her family doesn’t want her to know about becoming a woman.

Hiwot told Lisa that, even in Addis Ababa the capital, parents are often afraid to explain to teenagers the changes they must go through. Female genital mutilation, though cruel and outlawed, is still practiced by many families.

Lisa’s campaign is for crowd-funding through the Kickstarter organisation, which sets strict limits and ethical standards for its beneficiaries. If the target is not reached by October 30, the donors’ money cannot be taken.

Potential backers are offered many rewards, depending on how much they wish to pledge, including an authentic Ethiopian gourmet night out at the Buttercup Café, along with on-screen credits, Ethiopian scarves and even hand-made vintage jewellery and visits to Cannes or Lewes for people from far away.

By visiting, you will be taken directly to the official Kickstarter campaign, see video from Ethiopia of Hiwot, and where Lisa will tell you more. You can also Google “New Eyes Film Kickstarter”. Lisa’s company is