Daring rescue when collared dove became trapped in garden of Lewes offices

Reporters at the Sussex Express called on one of their regular correspondents to carry out a difficult rescue on Monday afternoon.

At the rear of the School Hill office is an enclosed courtyard, topped by fine netting. A young collared dove had managed to squeeze through the netting and become trapped underneath. The more he tried to escape, the more he dashed himself against the windows and walls.

Trevor Weeks and his team from Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service arrived, equipped with large, long-handled nets. After a couple of attempts they persuaded the dove through double doors into the basement office. He was picked up and thoroughly checked over.

The group then walked to Church Twitten, one of the town’s pretty flint-lined pathways, and released him into a neighbouring garden. He flew up into a tree, none the worse for wear.

Trevor said: “This was a good one. He was an adult bird. We’ve had lots of calls out to unfledged chicks including a young blackbird. Hopefully this little dove will now be fine.”

Trevor Weeks MBE appeared on national television last week when he and his helpers were awarded the Small Animal Charity of the Year Award. Trevor said: “This was even more important than my MBE as it rewarded the whole team.”