Daughters turn parents’ house into Disney castle in Polegate

Everyone in the Hutchinson family is mad about Disneyland.

So much so that they now live in a Disney castle.

Mum and dad Sonia and Trevor went away to the MotoGP at Silverstone for the weekend to get their thrills from the world’s fastest racing motorbikes.

When they got home, they got a whole new set of thrills.

Daughters Nicola, 26, and Lauren, 23, had painted their Junction Road, Polegate, house to look like a Disney castle.

It was in a very fetching shade of pale blue and lilac with purple turrets and ivy creeping up the walls.

The front door is bright purple.

Even the stones have been outlined in perfect oblongs.

Nicola said: “We’re mad about Disneyland.

“You could say we’re obsessed really.

“Mum and dad were going away and we asked: ‘What would you do if you came back from holiday and found we’d painted the house like a princess’s castle? They weren’t worried.

“They said: ‘It won’t happen, you’re both too lazy.’

Nicola laughed: “After that we just had to do it.”

The pair got the paint, worked over the whole weekend and finished just in time for mum and dad to get back home on Monday.

The girls needn’t have worried. Sonia was thrilled.

She said: “We can’t believe we live in a castle.

“But we’re really happy and thank goodness all the neighbours like it.

“We just love Disneyland. We’ve had a couple of recent trips and our grandson, James, (20 months) has already been twice!”