Dave Argent elected as new Mayor of Seaford


Councillor Dave Argent has been elected as the Mayor of Seaford for the coming year at the first full meeting of the new council.

The newly-elected Seaford Town Council met for the first full council meeting on Monday, May 18, where the first order of business was to appoint a new Mayor of Seaford for the 2015-16 municipal year.

Councillor Dave Argent was elected to fulfil this role for the coming year, with his wife Marian Argent accompanying him as Mayoress.

The former Mayor, Councillor Mark Brown, presented Councillor Argent with the Mayoral chain. In return, on behalf of the Council and the town, Councillor Argent made a proclamation of gratitude to Councillor Brown for his dedication and hard work over the past 15 months while serving as Mayor of Seaford.

Councillor Rahnuma Hayder was subsequently appointed as Deputy Mayor of Seaford for the coming Municipal Year.

The Past Young Mayor of Seaford, Millie Hemsley, handed the role over to her Deputy, Gabrielle Edwards, who will be working closely with the Mayor of Seaford and the Council over the coming year to strengthen the relationship between the Council and the youth of Seaford.

Seaford Head School are still in the process of holding elections for the Deputy Young Mayor for this Municipal Year; an announcement will be made as soon as the results are known.

A spokesperson for Seaford Town Council said: “Seaford Town Council wishes the best of luck to the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Young Mayor in their new roles and looks forward to the year ahead.

“A separate announcement will be made regarding the Mayor’s chosen charities in due course.”

Following the announcement, Dr Alan Latham, Chairman of UKIP Lewes, spoke out to praise Mark Brown for his work as Mayor of Seaford.

He said: “Pending the re-run of the Seaford East election on June 25, from the public gallery, I was shocked to observe that Mark Brown, our excellent mayor last year, was passed over in favour of David Argent.

“The position of mayor in Seaford is far more than a figure head – CEO is a more appropriate title. For the whole of last year, with great personal sacrifice, Mark Brown worked tirelessly to restore public confidence in Seaford Town Council following a disastrous administration.

“It will be interesting to see whether Mr Argent really meant what he said about employing the Rotary Club motto “service before self” for the benefit of the town.”

Conservative Councillor Dave Argent was elected to represent Seaford North ward in the recent May elections.

He has sat on the committees of Seaford Chamber of Commerce and Seaford Seniors for some time.

According to a group called Seaford Residents’ Voice, ‘he is passionate about Seaford and its residents’.

Mark Brown took up the role of Mayor after Councillor Anthony White stood down from his role as Mayor and on the town council in early 2014 citing stress and ill health.

His chosen charities for the year were Seahaven Storehouse and WAVES (Working Alongside Voluntary Enabling Services), which is a charity that supports families in Seaford who are encountering difficulties within their lives.