Decision to axe cinema ‘unethical’

A LEWES Town Councillor has spoken out in support of Lewes Cinema Ltd, which is being ousted from screening films at the All Saints Centre.

Cllr Amanda Dean said: “The council made a democratic decision to take this business away from Lewes Cinema Ltd but it was not a unanimous decision. I was not alone in voting against it. I felt it was unethical after they had spent 10 years building up ‘goodwill’.

“The reason for taking it was financial, although the financial information presented to the council was inconclusive. This move was further justified by unsubstantiated comment and innuendo about the business practices of Lewes Cinema Ltd. In the light of the current economic climate, the council has voted for two successive years to freeze the council tax. Despite this, its been proposed that we spend £30,000 to buy new raked seating to usher in the new business.I hope that the council will do the right thing and re-visit this decision.”

l See letters, page 8