Deer smash near Ashdown Forest prompts warning for drivers

TWO drivers were trapped after their cars were involved in a collision with a deer near Crowborough early on Tuesday morning.

Crowborough firefighters were called to the crash near the Crow and Gate pub at 7.18am and used hydraulic cutting equipment to release the two drivers who were conscious. Both were taken to hospital by ambulance but their injuries were not thought to be life threatening.

An off-duty firefighter carried out first aid treatment until crews arrived.

The first female driver was released just after 8am and the second male driver was freed by 8.45am.

County highways engineers also attended and the incident was over by 9am.

Incident commander Dave Sheppard said: “We urge drivers to look out for deer as they are prevalent on Ashdown Forest.

“Please be cautious and drive accordingly as a deer may appear in front of you at any time.”

To avoid a similar accident, an Ashdown Forest Conservators spokesman explained all drivers should watch out for deer moving between feeding and resting grounds at dawn and dusk.

He said there are peaks in deer traffic accidents during the autumn rut and spring fawning and deer travel in small groups so if one crosses the road in front of you, look out for the rest.

Take care when woodland or scrub comes up to the verge and look for animal eyes reflecting headlights at night.

If you hit a deer in the Forest boundaries ring rangers on 01341 823583.

They have experience dealing with injured deer and will give the animal every chance to recover.

However, deer rarely survive a heavy impact, in which case they are trained to put the animal down humanely. If you are outside the area, ring the police.