Sussex Police attend national meeting to discuss violence reduction

Sussex Police SUS-210714-180838001Sussex Police SUS-210714-180838001
Sussex Police SUS-210714-180838001
Violence Reduction Units from across the country including Sussex are working together to prevent violence.

The national violence reduction programme is entering its third year, and units from across England and Wales will meet tomorrow (Thursday, July 15) to evaluate their progress.

Their aim is to reduce violence and help to build stronger, more resilient communities.

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Launched in 2019, the units bring together different organisations, including the police, local government, health, community leaders and other key partners to tackle violent crime by understanding its root causes.

The Sussex Violence Reduction Partnership’s focus has been targeting the risk factors in young people that can increase vulnerability and potential involvement in serious violence.

Police and crime commissioner for Sussex Katy Bourne, said, “Our Violence Reduction Partnership has enabled Sussex Police local authorities, community projects, Public Health England and the NHS to come together and develop a more dynamic approach to tackling serious violence, targeting the areas where interventions are needed the most.

“I’m proud that in Sussex public sector organisations are taking a united stand against serious violence by working together to make a real difference.”

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Chief superintendent Tanya Jones said, “The Violence Reduction Partnership allows us to work closely with partners on a holistic approach to addressing the complex factors behind violent crime.

“Tackling violence is not solely about prosecuting individuals. We need to try and understand the reasons why a person might become involved in these offences if we are to intervene at an early stage and prevent this sort of crime.

“We adopt an evidence-based approach and have already seen encouraging levels of engagement across the county. We will continue to fully evaluate the work, in liaison with our partner agencies, to ensure it is successful in deterring and redirecting young people and children away from violent crime.”