‘Delight’ as new Co-op opens in Burgess Hill to support new housing

A new Co-op has opened in Burgess Hill as part of substantial infrastructure to support new housing east of the town.

Councillor Andrew Barrett-Miles and councillor Anne Jones visited the new store this week, which is in the middle of the major Kings Weald housing site, formerly the Keymer Brick and Tile site.

Mr Barrett-Miles told the Middy: “We were delighted to visit the recently opened Co-op store set in the middle of the major housing development on Kings Weald, the former Keymer Brick and Tile site.

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“We have been working with Croudace since 2010, when the development was approved, to ensure that adequate local community infrastructure was provided. This local store was the first to be delivered.

County councillors Andrew Barrett-Miles and Anne Jones outside the new Co-op store in Burgess Hill. Picture: Steve Robards

“The new community centre is under construction and a sports ground will be developed.

“Most important and urgently needed is an accessible medical centre.

“Discussions are continuing with the Clinical Commissioning Group to provide a new medical centre for the large population to the east of the railway line.”

He said the project demonstrated that good infrastructure could be delivered in parallel with quality new housing.

The Kings Meed development in Burgess Hill. Picture: Steve Robards

He added: “East side of Burgess Hill has been starved of anything like this in spite of taking many new houses over a long period.”

Mrs Jones said: “With previous councillors in St Andrews Ward I attended regular meetings with residents and representatives from Croudace.

“At the time they were living with a lot of upheaval, dust, noise and heavy lorries.

“Mathew from Croudace worked hard to ensure that they were listened to and action was taken on many issues raised. I would like to thank the residents for their endless patience.

The new Co-op store in Burgess Hill. Picture: Steve Robards

“One of the most serious issues has been the huge lorries using Cants Lane.

“This road is in a dreadful condition and West Sussex County Council accepts this and Cants Lane is in the Highways programme for major resurfacing this year.

“In the meantime, pot holes will be filled in and while this will help in the short term they will remain a problem until the road is repaired fully and too a high standard.”