Designer Emma Bridgewater named as patron for Festival of Flowers 2018

Emma Bridgewater at the launch event. Photo by Ellie MundyEmma Bridgewater at the launch event. Photo by Ellie Mundy
Emma Bridgewater at the launch event. Photo by Ellie Mundy
Emma Bridgewater spoke of being inspired by her mother on being announced as the patron of the 2018 Festival of Flowers.

In a speech at the launch party, the British designer and business woman, whose distinctive ceramics have a world-wide following, held the room in silence with her confident and assertive demeanour.

On the announcement of her patronage, a chorus of ‘oooo’s’ began through the delighted guests.

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Emma spoke passionately about how her mother was always able to do something nice with flowers from the garden.

She said: “There was never a month of the year that she couldn’t produce something nice to go in a vase.

“There was always something in the drawing room, there was always a little something in your room when you stayed and it would always look just right.”

She added: “I have always felt the special pleasure of doing flowers and have always loved it.”

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Set in the beautiful surroundings of what could have almost been a wedding marque, guests sat listening to Emma, laughing along with her funny anecdotes.

Emma went on to describe how her mother used to help with the church flowers, describing her as ‘relaxed’.

She told the story of how her mother knew it was time to change the flowers in the church: “Sometimes while kneeling at the alter rail, she would look up and think ‘oh gosh the flowers do look dreadful’.

“Then when she went back down the isle she would think, yes I think it was my turn to do them.”

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She ended the speech by saying she was delighted to be the patron for 2018 and couldn’t wait to see the flower arrangements in 11 months time.

The Festival of Flowers will run from May 31 to June 2 2018.