Developer to be prosecuted by HBC for breach

A development firm is set to be prosecuted by the borough council for failing to install a crossing over a busy road in St Leonards.

Connor Developments was granted permission to build 10 new homes in Catsfield Close on the Mayfield estate in 2012.

One condition set by the authority was to install traffic calming in Catsfield Close as well as a pedestrian refuge in Queensway.

A pedestrian refuge or pedestrian island, is a small section of pavement, where pedestrians can stop before finishing crossing a road.

The houses in Catsfield Close were built by the developer and completed more than a year ago but since then no traffic calming measures have been built.

The borough council issued a breach of condition notice to Connor Developments in August, giving the firm until last Thursday (December 18) to complete the works, but by that date no work had started.

Steve Bowles, chairman of Mayfield Area Residents’ Association (MARA), said: “Why can’t the developers carry out the work they’ve agreed to do?

“It’s a dangerous road for people to cross and we’ve been trying to get some sort of measure put in place for the last 20 years.

“What price do you put on road safety?

“There are only two crossing points along the entire road, one by Napier Road and the other by The St Leonards Academy where The Grove used to be.

“I wouldn’t have thought it would cost a great sum of money to build a pedestrian refuge.

“I and a lot of residents in the area are upset by this.”

Hollington and Wishing Tree county councillor Phil Scott said: “This developer has now had every opportunity to comply with the conditions of the planning consent which they happily agreed to and which were originally set by Hastings Borough Council.

“However at every opportunity they have chosen to disregard all requests to progress both the Queensway pedestrian refuge and Catsfield Close traffic calming scheme which would benefit highway safety for residents living in and around the area.

“There now seems no other option but for Hastings Borough Council to progress in the New Year with a court prosecution which I imagine will cost the developer more money in the longer term. Ducking and diving for this particular developer is about to come to an end.”

Kevin Boorman, spokesman for Hastings Borough Council, said: “It was a planning condition of the development at Catsfield Close that adequate traffic management arrangements were made, including the construction of a traffic island.

“This should have been complied with before the properties were occupied.

“We have been pursuing the developer, Connor Developments, for some time, and issued them with a notice to complete the works in June this year.

“They had six months to comply with this notice but have failed to do so, so we are now preparing to prosecute them for failing to comply with this planning enforcement notice.”