Development forces reptiles’ removal

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More than 50 reptiles have to be moved to make way for a housing development in Crowborough.

The slow worms and five common lizards are being relocated to Rotherfield Millennium Green.

The reptiles live on a proposed building site in Crowborough and have to be relocated to enable the development to proceed.

The relocation is being carried out by ADAS, an environmental agency appointed by the developers.

Work has already started to construct two fenced off areas where they will live.

Visitors are asked not to enter these areas to help the reptiles integrate with their new habitat.

The relocation will take place in April or May 2013.

During October students from Rotherfield School joined two Trustees, Richard Mann and Mike Foley, for the trust’s annual inspection of bird boxes on the Green.

Pupils from Kipling class, year group 4/5, were working on a project called “Going Global” which involved looking at our environment.

They examined the boxes and the nests that had been built during the summer with their teacher, Ms Robertson.

The children saw the different types of nest – for instance, a nuthatch had closed one of the holes in the box it had chosen with mud to reduce the risk of predation and used mainly dried leaves to form the base of the nest.

Other birds, like blue tits, use feathers and wool.

Some of the nests contained eggs that had not hatched, which was good news because it meant that there were probably six or seven eggs that had successfully hatched and produced chicks.

The children took the nests back to school to make a display and, according to Ms Robertson, had a brilliant time.