Diabetic teenager is living life to the full

Archie Norris SUS-150624-132201001
Archie Norris SUS-150624-132201001

A talented Bexhill teenager, diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was just 12 years old, has launched a YouTube channel to help others with the condition.

Guitarist and singer Archie Norris, 15, says being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes turned his world upside down. “I can remember it vividly,” he said. “I hadn’t been feeling great for a while. I had lost a lot of weight, started to drink loads of water. All the classic symptoms! My Mum took me to the Doctors and after a blood test, they said go home, pack a bag and go straight to the hospital. My sugar level was 24 and it should be 4/5. It was lucky I had gone to the Doctor early.“

On being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, Archie had to learn about blood testing, glucose levels, and carb counting. “It was certainly scary and lots to take in,” he said.

Archie says with the help of family, friends, dedicated diabetic nurses, dieticians and others his life started to resemble ‘normal’. “I live to play the guitar and skateboard and although my fingers were sore at first from all the blood testing, I managed to continue to play and write music.

“GCSE’s have been hard but I’m proud of myself for managing my Diabetes and not my Diabetes managing me. I certainly want to live life to the full.”

Archie helps others with diabetes by supporting the Diabetes UK Care in Schools Helpline and his YouTube channel, which he says has been “really rewarding.” https://youtu.be/eLP6P5TGCv0