Diamond Hailsham couple celebrate anniversary

Edna and Reg Walder, Diamond Wedding, Hailsham
Edna and Reg Walder, Diamond Wedding, Hailsham

A Hailsham couple are celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary after tying the knot 60 years ago.

Reg and Edna Walder celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary yesterday (Thursday).

The couple from Summerheath Road were married on February 27, 1954.

For great grandparents-of-nine, Reg and Edna, Kingston Village Church near Lewes is still very special, because it was the place where they made their wedding vows.

And the couple’s family say 60 years on, the parents-of-three are still going strong.

When they first met, Reg was a Grenadier Guard and Edna (nee Hoad) was a shop assistant. A few years after they were married, Reg left the Guards to work in farming in East Sussex.

After much hard work and dedication to the job he soon became the farm manager at Wellshurst Farm, in Hellingly.

Over the years the Walder family has grown.

The couple have three children, Sue, Anita and Gary.

They also have six grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

In 1997 Reg and Edna retired from the farming life.

The couple are now enjoying their time together living in Hailsham.

To celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary the couple will be joined by more than 40 members of their family and friends at a party in Hellingly.

The party is to take place at the Wellshurst Golf Club.

The club was once Wellshurst Farm but has since been turned into a golf course.

The couple’s family said it is a very special location for Reg because it is the place where he spent many years as a farm manager and holds some very special memories for him and the family.