Diep~haven Festival is now open


An annual cross-channel festival of contemporary creation linking East Sussex and France is taking place over the summer.

The diep~haven festival opened on June 9 in France and July 1 in Sussex with exhibitions taking place on both sides of the channel.

As part of the festival, The National Trust at Sheffield Park and Garden is showing an inanimate Object or a complete cycle of the soil exhibition between July 1 and August 31. Portuguese artist Gabriela Albergaria has re-created the form of a tree, grafting collected branch trimmings from different tree species onto the trunk of a dead Himalayan cedar, which was originally planted in Sheffield Park and Garden in 1976, and died in August 2016.

Another part of the festival is taking place at Bishopstone Railway Station from July 20 to August 31 with a exhibition entitled A Longer View where pupils from Harbour Primary School and Denton Community Primary School have investigated the local landscape. Working with artist Nick Sayers, the students have created a series of solargraphs, capturing the movements of the sun via pinhole cameras made and installed in Newhaven and the surrounding countryside. Visit www.diephaven.org