Disabled young adults in marathon challenge for Sport Relief

Four disabled young adults are attempting an amazing feat in aid of Sport Relief.

Despite having severe mobility problems and other challenges, they are collaborating to complete a marathon.

Helen, one of the young people taking part in the collaborative virtual marathon, in training at the gym.

Helen, one of the young people taking part in the collaborative virtual marathon, in training at the gym.

Inspirational Zak, Helen, Becky and Dani are joining forces to conquer a virtual marathon distance of 26.2 miles.

They will be using the specially adapted cardiovascular machines in the gym facility at the Futures Life Skills Centre provided by the Chailey Heritage Foundation.

The quartet have been inspired by the triumphs of the 2012 Paralympics in London and, more recently, the Winter Paralympics in Sochi.

The young people feel empowered to ignore the word ‘disability’ and instead concentrate on what they can actually achieve with their abilities.

Their tough challenge got under way on Monday and will take several weeks to complete. Their fundraising goal is a total of £500 for Sport Relief.

Kind donations will help to spur them on as they get closer to their target and they said they really appreciate people’s generosity and support.

A spokesperson said this week: “Everyone at Chailey Heritage Foundation is extremely proud of them.” To make a donation, go to http://my.sportrelief.com/sponsor/futures-life-skills-centre-gym-marathon-challenge

Chailey Heritage Foundation is a charity dedicated to supporting young people and young adults with complex physical disabilities. One of its provisions is the accessible gym facility within Futures Life Skills Centre, designed especially for people with disabilities. Much of their high-tech gym equipment can either be accessed via a hoist or the seating can be removed to allow use from within a wheelchair.

The Chailey quartet of physically disabled gym users are really keen to take part in something that could make a difference to others, especially since all of the gym equipment they use at Futures has been provided through the charity’s own fundraising.

The Foundation, originally founded as the Chailey Heritage, owns and runs the Chailey Heritage School. It was founded out of the Guild of the Poor Brave Things in 1903 by Dame Grace Kimmins.

At one time the Heritage also owned and ran the Chailey Heritage Marine Hospital to the seaward side of the hamlet of Tide Mills, Newhaven.