District authority turns down 195 homes proposal

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PLANS to build 195 homes and a doctors’ surgery at Oaklands on Ersham Road in Hailsham have been turned down by Wealden District Council.

The planning application by Masma Ltd represented an ‘unacceptable and unjustified form of development’, according to the district authority.

A design statement by the applicant claimed that the district council had, ‘persistently and consistently underperformed in terms of meeting its housing targets and as such the housing needs of the district have escalated and are now acute’.

But the application was still refused with reasons given in a letter by Kelvin Williams, head of planning and building control.

Mr Williams said: “The proposed development would have an unduly urbanising effect upon this area which is characterised by its increasingly rural and sylvan feel, through the erection of the propsed residential development and the associated works including, but not limited to, the new roundabout and widening of Coldthorn lane.”

Mr Williams said Wealden was also concerned that the proposal had not been proven to be sustainable as there was no plan in place to provide additional waste water treatment works.

A failure to demonstrate the proper provision of necessary infrastructure to meet the extra demands of the proposed development and the impact on heritage assets at the site, were other concerns given by the Wealden head of planning.

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