Diver failed to surface off Pevensey Bay

The new ILB was at the scene
The new ILB was at the scene

A DIVER FAILED to surface from a dive in deep waters off Pevensey Bay - causing coastguard services to launch into action.

The driver was later surfacing from a group dive training exercise last night, September 22.

Other divers realised he was missing when he did not surface at his agreed time.

Both Eastbourne RNLI lifeboats and Coastguard rescue helicopter 104 were scrambled within four minutes of a request by Dover Coastguard.

Fortunately the missing diver appeared above the waves just as the lifeboats arrived on scene.

Inshore ILB helmsman Andy Chatton went ashore to confirm that all was well with the diving group.

The combined services were then stood down by Dover Coastguard which congratulated the volunteer lifeboat crew for their rapid response.