Dog walkers issued poisoning alert

Vets have been alerted after rumours of dogs being poisoned on the Cuckoo Trail.

A reader contacted the Express saying they had heard an animal had died after eating a poisoned piece of meat but police were unable to confirm any such incident.

The Cuckoo Trail stretches from Heathfield to Eastbourne Park and passes through Hailsham and Polegate.

Menna Field, a registered veterinary nurse at St Anne’s Veterinary Group, said: “We asked a receptionist to call around the vets in the area around the Cuckoo Trail where it had been reported and no-one had any incidents of dogs being poisoned and brought in. “We would ask people to vigilant when walking their dogs along the Cuckoo Trail.”

A spokesperson for Sussex Police said, “There has been a rumour of dogs being poisoned on the Cuckoo Trail. Police have called all local vets and there has been no evidence to support this rumour.”

To report an incident contact police on 101.