Dog walking group rescued beneath Beachy Head

Eastbourne RNLI rescued the group.
Eastbourne RNLI rescued the group.

TWO DOG WALKERS and three dogs were rescued by coastguard after they were trapped by the tide beneath the shadow of the cliffs at Beachy Head.

The group had set off intending to finish their walk before high tide on Friday, September 30.

But one of the dogs cut its paw and became exhausted. The delay meant they were trapped by the incoming tide.

The dog walkers decided to wait until the water receded but the injured labrador was in distress.

Their mobile phone signals were blocked by the cliffs so the duo waved at a passing boat – which contacted Dover Coastguard.

Eastbourne’s inshore lifeboat was launched and voluntary lifeboatman Andy Chatton was put ashore to assess the situation.

The dog was dehydrated and exhausted so the whole group were ferried to safety to the steps at Birling Gap.

Mr Chatton had to carry the injured labrador up the steps and the group set off to a local veterinary practice.