Doggy paddle trouble in Pevensey Bay

A LIFEBOAT was launched into the sea near Pevensey Bay in response to fears that a dog owner was trying to rescue his pet.

Eastbourne inshore lifeboat (ILB) roared into action after the call was made on Wednesday afternoon, May 25.

Dover Coastguard was concerned about a dog owner who was worried his elderly pet was struggling to swim in the bay.

Coastguard experts thought that the man would try and swim after his dog – and get into trouble himself.

A spokesman for the Eastbourne crew said: “Following a rapid assembly and launch by the volunteer crew the ILB was stood down just minutes into the service when the dog, as is not unusual in these cases, found its own way ashore.”

Eastbourne has celebrated more than 185 years as a lifeboat station and now operates an all-weather Mersey Class lifeboat ‘The Royal Thames’ and an inshore D-Class lifeboat ‘Joan and Ted Wiseman 50’.