Dogs round up a stray after four days among the sheep on Seaford farm

Sheep herding dogs were finally called on to help round up a stray dog that had been running round a Seaford farm for four days.

What could have been a shaggy dog story came to a fitting end when the black labrador was herded into a specially-made pen at Chyngton Farm, which has 1,000 sheep, by the collie dogs.

Runaway dog captured by Ben Stead

Runaway dog captured by Ben Stead

Contract shepherd at the Chyngton Lane farm, Ben Stead said the dog, which had an old and very faded collar and tag, was picked up by the dog warden on Monday.

“We had seen the dog running around the farm for four days but were not able to catch it,” he said.

“Everyone was trying to catch it with food and the police came up one evening for a couple of hours to try and help.

“The dog was in with the sheep and lambs and we are right in the middle of the busy lambing season but we don’t like shooting dogs and wanted to tray and catch it.

“No farmer wants to shoot a dog. They will try and catch it first.

“Once we had got the dog in the pen, thanks to our dogs, we were there quite a long time gaining its trust.

“We don’t know whether someone dumped the dog or it just ran away.

“It’s a shame as it’s a loving dog.”

Ben hoped the dog would be microchipped so the dog warden would be able to return it to its home.

About 250 lambs had been born at Chyngton Farm up to Monday after a busy few days.

Ben said on Monday in the past 36 hours 40 sheep had lambed. About 600 lambs were expected from the beginning of February.