Don’t waste food - eat it or recycle it, say Lewes District Council

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It is estimated we throw away about £200 worth of food a year, rising to £700 for a family.

Lewes District Council is urging residents to avoid food waste, which will save money and the environment this Christmas.

Shoppers are advised to reduce how much food they buy in the first place, reuse food where you can and recycle the rest.

A spokesperson for the council said; “Reducing the amount of food we waste begins with how much food we buy.

“It may sound simple, but having a shopping list and knowing what food you already have at home reduces the amount of extra food you might have to throw away in the future.

“Planning the festive meals and shopping accordingly can reduce waste even further.

“Reuse your leftovers. If your planning hasn’t worked out and you end up having leftovers in your fridge, before throwing them out think about whether they could be used to make a delicious meal?

“Roast potatoes can become bubble-and-squeak or used in an omelette, roast chicken or turkey can be used with lettuce for a quick lunchtime salad.

“There are many websites with leftover Xmas recipes.”

You could also use stuffing, turkey and pigs in blankets, as well as leftover cheese as a topping for a Christmas pizza or the leftover meat in a Christmas soup with vegetables.

The council was also urging people to recycle all leftovers using the biodegradable bags, which are available at a variety of locations around the district, or newspaper.

Make sure not to use plastic bags as these mean your food cannot be recycled properly.