Double death tragedy at Beachy Head cliffs

A MAN jumped off Beachy Head cliffs to his death while rescuers were recovering the remains of another man.

The first body was discovered after 4pm on Monday, January 17 but not recovered until the next day when it was safe to do so.

A rucksack with personal items was found in a car park at the top of the cliffs. The man’s identity is yet to be confirmed and police do not know if he was the owner of the rucksack.

A police spokesman said: “Whilst this incident was being responded to, another man was seen to jump from the cliffs nearby.

“It was possible to recover his body on Monday evening and he is believed to be a 42-year old who is not local to Sussex.”

Neither death was suspicious and the Coroner’s officer is making further enquiries.

The police spokesman added: “We do not believe that the two men are connected in any way.”