Drag act hosts Sussex Downs College quiz in Lewes to celebrate LGBT month

The quiz at Sussex Downs College
The quiz at Sussex Downs College

Students at Sussex Downs College in Lewes welcomed Drag With No Name (Scott Burey) as part of Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) History Month celebrations.

Organised by the Student Union and College LGBT group, the popular drag queen hosted a special quiz night, attended by more than 70 guests including students and staff on Thursday February 26.

Beauty students from the Graduations Salon offered theatrical makeovers to guests in celebration of the event.

PA to the vice principal Karen Matthews said: “As a mum I endeavoured to bring my children up to be kind and inclusive to everyone – whatever their sexual orientation – but we all know that in the real world this does not always happen.

“We have shown the students that you can have a good night out, with no alcohol and no drugs - just great entertainment.

“I have no idea what the ratio of ‘straight to gay’ was in the room but it didn’t matter. What I experienced was a fun evening with no prejudice.

“It shows the college as an inclusive and welcoming place regardless of your sexual orientation, race or any other difference. I hope this becomes an annual event.”

Scott posted on his Facebook page: “I just had the most incredibly energetic crowd in the form of students for a quiz night and extra drag shenanigans! When I asked the question: when did the Stonewall riots take place in New York, nearly every team got it correct. Lovely stuff. I’m proud to be part of it.”