Dramatic drum entrance

During May, Christ's Hospital Year 12 pupils James Sibley, Joe Morrow and Alex Bell, were invited to St. Nazaire on the west coast of France.

Opening the gallery exhibition
Opening the gallery exhibition

They had been asked to take part in the opening ceremony of world renowned artists Christian Hidaka’s, 2016 summer exhibition.

Christian Hidaka was educated at Christ’s Hospital during the 1990s. He went on to study Fine Art at Winchester School of Art, Parsons School of Art and Design (New York) and the Royal Academy Schools, London. He has had enormous success and exhibited across the globe.

His paintings are puzzles with solitary figures set in Mediterranean courtyards; clues about art history and his memories are immersed within the paintings which include Christ’s Hospital drummers.

At the opening of his exhibition, the Christ’s Hospital pupils made a dramatic entrance beating their drums as they walked in from the street, after playing in close co-ordination, they dispersed to the different galleries within the exhibition where they played solos and responses.

When they reconvened they improvised with the French sound artist, Tomoko Sauvage, who makes compositions using water, distorting the sounds with a mixing desk.

The boys were encouraged to ‘play loud’ and the piercing noise and echoes of their drumming filled the gallery space.

They ended their piece by exiting the gallery and marching off into the distance. It was a completely unique experience for the boys and their playing completed the experience of the exhibition for Christian.