Drink and pills caused death

A LETHAL cocktail of alcohol and anti-depressants led to the death of 45-year-old diabetic dad from Kingston, an inquest heard.

Simon Jeffrey Holland, aged 45, of The Street, dialled 999 because he was feeling unwell on the afternoon of November 12, but when ambulance crews arrived a few minutes later they found him slumped at the bottom of the stairs. He was already dead.

In a statement, Mr Holland's mother Josephine told the coroner that her son used to be a regular social drinker before his building business collapsed in the 1980s, and that when his marriage went wrong he started drinking 'very heavily indeed'.

As a result of his very unhealthy lifestyle, which did not include regular meals, Mr Holland was diagnosed with 'type two' diabetes, which had to be controlled with a strict diet and a course of tablets.

On the afternoon of November 12 last year, Mr Holland phoned the emergency services and explained to the ambulance switchboard that he was a diabetic and was feeling very unwell. The operator immediately dispatched an ambulance and encouraged him to find a sweet drink for himself, but he soon lost consciousness. Paramedics had to break in to reach the dead man.

Verdict: accidental death.