Drivers beware of deer around Ashdown Forest, say East Sussex County Council

EAST Sussex County Council is asking drivers to look out for deer on the road, especially in the Ashdown Forest area.

They have started a poster campaign along the A22 between Nutley and Forest Row.

At this time of year there tend to be more deer running across roads because food is scarce and they need to go further to look for it.

This, combined with an explosion in the deer population in recent years, has lead to an increase in the number of deer and vehicle collisions.

These collisions cause damage to vehicles and can put people’s lives in danger.

Drivers need to be aware of deer and take extra care during this time, especially in rural areas.

In particular, when approaching a deer warning sign, drivers should slow down, be prepared to stop and remember that more deer might be following.

If you do stop use your hazard warning lights.

They advise people not to approach an injured deer which could be dangerous.

Instead call police on: 101.

Dr Jochen Langbein of campaign partner, The Deer Initiative, said: “There are over 1.5 million wild deer and around 27 million private cars in Great Britain, and the population of deer is increasing.

“As days get shorter in the autumn/ winter, busy traffic times coincide with dawn and the early part of the night when deer are most active and hardest to spot.

“In wooded areas in particular, there may be very little warning before one or several deer bolt across the road.”

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