Drusillas Park in Afriston counts animals for New Year

Claudia Perryman with the Meerkats during the annual stock take.
Claudia Perryman with the Meerkats during the annual stock take.

Staff at Drusillas Park are currently counting the zoo’s animals as part of its New Year stock take.

Keepers know the number of critters at the park but the count ensures the zoo’s records are up to date.

Keeper Claudia Perryman is overseeing the task for the first time and has her work cut out with more than 1,000 animals to check.

Claudia said: “It’s important to make sure our figures add up for all the animals in the zoo, so as well as counting the monkeys we even have to count the invertebrates including stick insects and cockroaches too.”

The last 12 months have brought many new arrivals to Drusillas including two red pandas, called Mulan and Tibao who were rehomed to the zoo at Easter. 2013 also saw the arrival of many baby bundles of fur and feathers including a Goeldi’s monkey, silvery marmoset, red-handed tamarin, Humboldt penguin chicks, black cheeked lovebirds and a rare black lemur baby.

Each of these animals must now have their own record card, holding details of parentage and other important information and Claudia said she will be taking particular care to ensure all details are recorded correctly.

For more information about the zoo call 01323 874100 or visit the website at www.drusillas.co.uk