Drusillas Park serves up pancake-themed fare to sloths

Deputy headkeeper Sophie Leadbitter feeds sloth Flash
Deputy headkeeper Sophie Leadbitter feeds sloth Flash

Drusillas Park, in Alfriston, served up treats for its sloths Flash and Gordon today (Monday, February 12) to mark Shrove Tuesday.

On the menu – slices of warmed sweet potato cut into discs and topped with sweetcorn.

Deputy headkeeper Sophie Leadbitter, who fed the pair the treats from a frying pan, said: “We work hard in the zoo to deliver food and other items of interest to the animals in ways that will keep them mentally stimulated.

“Although sloths are typically very slow and quiet animals, they are curious and will investigate things that catch their attention; especially if these things turn out to be food.

“Flash was straight in there to grab the sweet potato pancakes, and she made light work of the offering as well – she didn’t leave too much for poor sleepy Gordon!”