Drusillas zoo keeper’s internation field trip

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Zoo Keeper, Jodie Dryden has returned to Drusillas Park after five weeks of fieldwork in Indonesia.

She was working with Sulawesi crested black macaques in the wild.

Working as part of a team of six, Jodie spent time at the Head Office in Manado working on ideas for fundraising and promoting the campaign.

Jodie assisted the Selamatkan Yaki Conservation Programme increasing awareness of the plight of these majestic monkeys and their native habitat while in Manado.

Sadly Sulawesi macaques, a species looked after at Drusillas, are critically endangered in the wild. The population has declined by as much as 80 per cent over the last 40 years mainly due to habitat destruction and hunting. The large primates are considered a local delicacy and are currently being killed at an unsustainable rate.

Jodie said: “I work closely with the family group of macaques at Drusillas and have a keen interest in this species. I wanted to do something extra to help and the Selamatkan Yaki programme seemed perfect, as it aims to secure a better future for the monkeys through conservation, research and education.”