Dumped dog found in woodland ‘did not die of natural causes’

Benson was found dead in woodland in Lewes
Benson was found dead in woodland in Lewes

A dog found dumped in woodland did not die of natural causes and heroin is reported to have been found in its blood stream.

That is according to campaigners who fundraised £1,000 to find out what happened to the pet, said to have been named Benson.

Dog’s body found dumped in woodland

The seven-year-old cross’ body was found on a footpath near a children’s play area in Lewes on Wednesday, November 21.

There were marks and blood on his face and it is believed he had died days previously as his body had started to decompose.

Dog charity trustee Melanie Beck organised a post mortem with Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in London to find out how Benson died.

She said, “My heart is in pieces imagining what this poor boy has gone through before his death.

“Benson did not die of natural causes. His internal organs were okay. His weight was okay. He was a dog in good condition. He had eaten one to six hours before death.

“Estimated time of death: three to five days before he was found on the Wednesday, so most likely between the Friday and Sunday.

“Evidence indicates his body was kept in a warm environment initially after death.”

Fundraiser launched for dog found dead near children’s park

She said there were no fractures to his bones and the bruising found on his body happened both before and after his death.

Today (December 12), Melanie said, “Late last night, we had the verbal report through on Benson’s toxicology and our worst fears were confirmed. The tissue sample shows a long list of 20 drugs found in his system.

“Among those registering as ‘high level’ are: heroin, morphine, and morphine-based drugs.”

A full list will be provided on the written report, expected mid January, she added.

“Sadly, we are still waiting for the RSPCA to contact us regarding our initial, repeated calls since mid-November,” Melanie said, “To the best of my knowledge, not one person who has reported this to them has received a single call back (despite promises) and I am at a loss as to why.”

If you have any information contact the RSPCA on 0300 123 4999.

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