East Hoathly Sunday bus service trial success

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A new Sunday bus service being trialled by Brighton and Hove buses attracted around 20 people on April 13.

Around 20 people met at the Church Marks Lane bus stop in East Hoathly for the first service to Lewes and Brighton.

Unfortunately the vintage bus was unable to make an appearance but organisers said there was a great atmosphere among the passengers eagerly waiting for the bus to arrive.

A number of parish councillors from East Hoathly and Halland Parish Council attended to welcome the service, including John Graham, parish council chairman, and Philip Cowling, who had liaised with Brighton and Hove Buses to extend the service from Halland via East Hoathly.

Also attending was Mike Best, commercial director for Brighton and Hove Buses.

When seeing the numbers waiting to board he said that he was pleasantly surprised at the response from residents.

The initial trial was to run until September, but organisers said unless numbers fell dramatically, he would be happy for the trial to continue through the autumn and winter period.

On returning to East Hoathly in the late afternoon a number of residents said that they had a very enjoyable day out in Brighton and the bus had only taken an hour into central Brighton.

Brighton and Hove Buses have produced some posters for residents detailing the East Hoathly specific services.

Residents are asked to note that these services will run on Sundays and also public holidays.